Custom Designs

Natural Wood

Each piece of furniture, including lamps and tables, are made with a beautiful piece of wood. Samuel uses many different kinds, including Manzanita, Black Oak, Ponderosa Pine and Driftwood.

Barn Wood

All the items in the barn wood line are made from old wood taken from abandoned farm buildings. This gives the furniture a very unique rustic look. It also means that all the wood is being recycled instead of being taken to the landfill or burned.

Hunting Line

All the furniture in the hunting line is made to bring all the good memories of hunting back with you.

Fishing Line

These are beautiful peaces that bring the stream or river right into your home. Also, if you have pictures of a trophy fish that you caught, a custom fish reproduction can be made and built in to the furniture. This is a great way to remember your fishing trip.

Old West Line

These are perfect for bringing the old west feeling right into your home.


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