Samuel Bolton, furniture builder/designer.

Samuel Bolton grew up in Montana and California. He spent a lot of days after school hiking and exploring the Sierra National Forest that runs along his property, learning the different types of wood and gathering samples to build furniture.  With a grandfather who was a gunsmith and a dad who was an engineer, Samuel grew up always building something, from rabbit cages to bookshelves to custom model ships.Samuel Bolton

Now, he designs and builds custom furniture from native wood, “found” lumber and wood cleared for fire prevention.

One of the main types of wood Samuel uses is Manzanita. Because of the wide variety of shapes and colors, each furniture piece is completely unique.

All of the wood used is native to the Yosemite area. Whether you live in the area or are planning to visit, a custom lamp or table made just for you is a great way to bring the memories of your visit home with you.

Also, if you have a meaningful piece of wood – for example, a branch from grandpa’s apple tree or a piece of wood from the old family barn -Samuel can create a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture you will cherish forever.

Contact Samuel to discuss your custom furniture design ideas.